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QuickerBB a very fast and light forum software. QuickerBB is in PHP and uses SQLite or MySQL database.

QuickerBB(PxS Edition)

The Plan

To Add Steam Login to the forum

QuickerBB is a very fast and light forum software by halojoy
QuickerBB is written in PHP and uses PDO SQLite or PDO MySQL database.
Admin is easy to use with post deletion and user banning.

Current Download: QuickerBB (PxS Edition) releases

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What is PxS

PxS means powered by steam, it started as a way to add steam login to allow me to create a site built of steam login, by altering the login system of forums, cms, news scripts etc… you are adding a better system for gamers to interact with content and hopefully minimise the amount of spam posts due to steam guard using a unique code on site login.